Where does Paramecium live?

Paramecium lives in all kinds of fresh water environments

Paramecia are widespread in freshwater, brackish (slightly salty), and marine environments. They are often very abundant in the stagnant water of pools, lakes, ditches, ponds, and slow-flowing water that is rich in decaying organic matter.

Paramecia are attracted by acidic conditions since they feed on bacteria, which often slightly acidify their surroundings. They are an important link in the food web of aquatic ecosystems, feeding on bacteria. The dead organic matter often associated with these bacteria, which are preyed upon by other protists and small animals.


[In this figure] The places to collect microorganisms.
(A-C) Microorganisms stay with their source of food. Ponds or slow-flowing creeks with decayed organic materials in the bottom sediments (like leaves) are ideal habitations to find all kinds of microorganisms, like paramecia, amoebas, rotifers, water bears, daphnia, and diatoms. (D-E) I used the forceps to collect some decaying leaves and use a dropper to collect water with sediments into my sample vial. I will bring it home to look for microorganisms under my microscope.

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