What type of RNA carries amino acids to the ribosome?


The transfer RNA (tRNA) is one type of RNA molecule. Its job is to carry the amino acid that matches the mRNA codon to the ribosome.

The tRNA contains a three-letter code on one side and carries a specific amino acid on the other side. The code on tRNA (called an anti-codon) must match the three-letter code (called a codon) on the mRNA already in the ribosome. The particular amino acid that tRNA carries is determined by a three-letter anti-codon it bears. For example, if the three-letter code is AUG on mRNA (Adenine, Uridine, Guanine), the tRNA that carried Methionine (Met or M) will be selected and recruited to the ribosome.


[In this figure] The RNA binding sites on a ribosome.
The ribosome contains 3 RNA binding sites: A, P, and E sites for protein translation.

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