What is the function of cytoplasmic streaming?

Cytoplasmic streaming promotes the movement of the fluid substance within a cell

Cytoplasmic streaming, also called Protoplasmic Streaming or Cyclosis, plays an important role in cell processes because it promotes the movement of the fluid substance (cytoplasm) within a cell.

Cytoplasmic streaming is important in plant cells and large single-celled animal cells because passive diffusion is not adequate for nutrient molecule distribution in large cells. Cytoplasmic streaming can efficiently transport essential biological molecules across a big cell.


[In this figure] Cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells.
Cytoplasmic streaming circulates the chloroplasts around the central vacuoles in plant cells. This optimizes the exposure of light on every single chloroplast evenly, which can maximize the efficiency of photosynthesis. The right image is the actual cytoplasmic streaming of chloroplasts in Elodea cells.

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What is Cytoplasmic Streaming?

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