Is Paramecium prokaryotic or eukaryotic?


Paramecium (pair-ah-me-see-um; plural, Paramecia) is a unicellular (single-celled) eukaryotic organism with a shape resembling a slipper. Paramecium is a eukaryote because it has a membrane-bound cell nucleus and many other organelles.

Although paramecium is small and has only one cell, it can do everything that a living creature can do: Paramecium can swim, digest food, and reproduce. Paramecium’s cell contains several complex organelles performing specific functions to make its survival possible.

Paramecium Cell Structure

[In this figure] The anatomy of a Paramecium cell.
Each structure/organelle and its function will be explained in this article.

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The Structure of Paramecium Cell

The Structure of Paramecium Cell

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