How does an amoeba obtain food?

Amoebae use pseudopods to engulf food particles, a process called Phagocytosis

Amoeba proteus engulfs its prey by a process called “phagocytosis”. As the amoeba moves towards its prey, its pseudopods reach out, surround, and engulf the food inside the cell membrane of Amoeba proteus by forming a food vacuole. Then the digestive enzymes are released into the vacuole to break down the food in small nutrient molecules for Amoeba proteus to use.

Amoeba phagocytosis

[In this figure] Amoeba phagocytosis.
The pseudopods first surround and bring the food particle close to the Amoeba. Then a part of the cell membrane opens to allow the particle to move into the cell and into a food vacuole where it is digested by enzymes.

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